The inaugural launch of Like Glue Fest will be a continuation of our weekly international experience that brings together people from all different races, cultures, nationalities, and walks of life. Like Glue Fridays has become a cornerstone for Internationals in the city for the past three years and has grown and gained notoriety outside of Atlanta.

Our main focus will be on the African and Caribbean diaspora and celebrating the impact that they have had on the city of Atlanta through music, food, costumes, art, and self-expression.

There will be performances from both local and international ambassadors of the different cultures including Reggae, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Soca, Hip-hop, and Reggaeton Music.We will also incorporate games, live paintings, cultural exhibitions, and a unique multi-world experience based on the different regions previously noted.

Join Us August 3rd for this undoubtedly epic experience!